Saturday, February 26, 2005

Thank You Note-ettes

Thank you to my 10-year old car with great gas mileage for choosing to die on a relatively safe spot, 10 minutes from my home on my 35 minute commute to work on Friday and allowing me to pull over to the side of the road before I was hit by other cars.

Thank you to the gas-station lady who let me, a non-cell-phone-owner, use her phone to call my husband after I couldn't successfully use the pay phone and my CVS calling card to complete the call (I was so SURE someone was jerking me around when the card numbers were accepted (twice) but my phone number wasn't). Note to self: memorize your 2-year old area code, do not use a random 1st digit from states past.

Thanks to the polite, helpful Texas cowboy who took time out of his morning to gently bump my car with his truck into an even safer parking lot nearby.

Thanks to my sleepy husband for coming to rescue me (twice. as he thought I solved the problem the first time and returned back home when he couldn't find me at the gas station that he thought I was at).

Thanks to my work friends for making me laugh and regaling me with their stories and suggestions and generally making the rest of my harried day pleasant.

Thanks to my students for listening to my car story and acting interested. And even thanks to E. who offered to buy my car for $500, for the smile that gave me.

Thanks to our friends at home who on Saturday took time out of their day to help tow my car back home.

Thanks to my general station in life where I have the resources (friends, family, money...) to be able to deal with such a situation and not have it snowball into an even greater catastrophe.

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