Friday, February 11, 2005

Being a Student

So yesterday, one of our (3!) ILTs set up for a math textbook author to come talk to us about the approach in his book and work through some activities with us. She was in the room with us, and 3 teachers took her up on the offer of coming to hear this guy speak. I went for one period, though he was scheduled for the whole morning .... but, I'm sorry, it's toooooo much work being out and making sub plans and "fixing" things once you get back, and besides that, you lose a day of teaching.

So in all fairness, he had some intriguing activities, and I'd like to investigate his book(s). BUT. ... So there we were working through this geometry investigation, and we're supposed to be working on it as "students" and he's giving us time to work on it, and he. won't. shut. up. and he. won't. stop. giving. guidance. and he. won't. stop. discussing. his. teaching. strategy. and our ILT (instructional lead teacher) has some sort of bug up her butt about always having to make some comments that "show" how much she knows or how "witty/savvy/smart" she is. Is it just me? or is that annoying and obvious? here are some highlights

"I find that when I am solving these problems, pictures are very useful" (said to maybe prompt some of us from just sitting there .... even though maybe we are thinking and analyzing strategies mentally)

"Go on, work on it. See what you can do." (said SEVERAL times in short intervals to the point that you couldn't think because there was TOO MUCH TALKING GOING ON)

So, anyhoo, at this point, I just shut down and go into observation mode and clock watch until I can leave to teach my class. And all the while I'm thinking back on when I teach similar activities, and do I do the same thing? God, I hope not.

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