Thursday, April 23, 2015

Limits ... I have reached it!

We are done with our limits unit, and I made some changes (thanks Meg Craig!). Our summary day was today with a mix of everything. Here is the sheet the students worked on to see what they understood. I like it because it has a mix of algebraic limits, graphical limits, limits they have to draw graphs first for, piecewise functions .... HERE it is. Let me know if you want a word document copy.

 Funny story about #15. I actually had a problem there and had put the answer in the answer bank. Then I started pasting and changing the graph for #14, and then realized later that the #15 problem disappeared. So, since there was only 4 minutes until class started, and I had to make copies, I came up with THIS #15.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Cross Sections Homework...

If you teach calculus, there is a newish private group on facebook for us. The name is AP Calc Teachers AB/BC, and I'm sure you can navigate your way around to get access. 

Anyway, Happy Easter and all that, and the Easter Bunny is leaving a Cross Sections Homework Egg for you:


Friday, April 03, 2015

Volumes of Known Cross Sections

Last unit of AP Calculus AB .... big (temporary) sigh of relief. I changed up how I am teaching it this year. I do a flipped class, but even so, in the last 2 years I was not flipping and then yapping at them in class. I can't think of why other than I didn't think through how I could flip it and still show them the 3D aspect of things. Then I got it and came up with this.

I made a template for them to take home:

This would allow them to cut various shapes in the right size. Then I "flipped" these 3 pages of notes:

See how the half circles pop up! That makes me so happy. Maybe you need a closer look:

And pages 3 and 4:

 Now they can have a "forever" reference to a 3D model and not just see it in class one time when we introduce it.

 Hopefully, this will lead to a clearer understanding in their heads.