Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yea Summer

How easy was it to slip into summer mode? Quite. Right after school got out, we took a trip to the northeast to visit friends, and we're now back home. I'm sleeping in late, spending way too much time on the computer, reading novels, writing my "book" (too exciting), doing chores I can't do easily during the school year (dentist, doctor, car ... appointments), and just generally enjoying my days ... except today where I had about 4 hours of car appointments.

Yesterday I noticed my brakes were feeling mushy, so with my oil change today I had them look at it ... to the tune of $300. I can't help feeling helpless, especially since after driving away, the brakes STILL feel mushy. Then I went in to put a deposit on some tires (my treads are dangerously nonexistent), and my $48/tire tires all of a sudden racked up a $290 bill .... "oh yes, there's the $10/tire installation, $8/tire shipping, $10/tire blinking and breathing while we're working ...... fees". Bloody hell.

Hubby keeps saying to get a new car because I do keep pouring money into this 1995 Honda Civic. BUT. It gets anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per gallon depending on my driving conditions. It is a cool (horizon grey) color. It does not have power steering or anything, so I can work some muscles for free. The shape is great as opposed to the new "suburban mom" looking Honda Civics. .... I still say that if I pour in less than $10,000 into it in the next 10 years ($1,000/year??? ... I'm getting dangerously close ... have I surpassed that?), then it's still cheaper than a new car.