Monday, February 21, 2005

Decadent Day

How much do I love the days when no students are staying after school, and I don't have to stay late to prepare for the next day (TAKS test all morning), and I can "sneak out" exactly when the bell rings and not have to stay until 6pm to wait for traffic to die down AND I get to indulge myself at the bookstore because I have a gift card AND some coupons? A lot (is the answer). And I even got home before dark AND I have time to surf the web before I get down to the serious business of exercising (treadmill and yoga) before making dinner. ..... Now if all Mondays could be like this, I think they'd stop having the bad rap they do.

On a side note ... someone gave me the brilliant idea of asking my snottiest (though extremely bright) student if she wanted to go on independent study .... so then I wouldn't have to look at her sourpuss face for the whole period or have to walk by her desk as she's doodling "I'm SOOOOO bored" in her notebook. .... I'm ironing out the details and will ask her soon. Just the thought of it put me in a good mood. ... But the evil side of me is whispering over my shoulder (no, keep her in class and make her suffer her boredom for all the grief she (you let her) put(s) you through ....). Hopefully, good will triumph over evil.

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