Thursday, February 24, 2005

Parallel Universe

I'm experiencing both sides of the same situation. Through my work I have to interact with a person that I really don't like very much. This person has great skills, but keeps interjecting random statements everywhere that all basically boil down to, "gee look how great I think I am." Blach. So I feel hypocritical being polite to this person because inside I'm thinking, shut up already. But maybe that's just part of "civilized society". On the flip side of the coin, I have this student who I've had trouble with from day 1. (not being biased or anything), but this is not a nice person. Anyhoo, I believe this student is me in the previous scenario ..... I'm not sure (and GOD I hope not) that I go around giving off "I'm great" vibes, but I just don't think this child likes me. .... not that it's a requirement as a teacher, but it sure makes things go more smoothly. This child being a teenager doesn't hide his/her feelings as well as he/she could. So it's interesting to try to come to terms with my feelings in these 2 situations and to try to rise above it all ... not that I'm always successful.

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