Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rollercoaster week

Part of my coping strategies with this teaching thing seems to be to remember that every day is a fresh start, and even though you had a crappy day one day, the next could be terrific. So to catalog my week MtWthF (tuesday and thursday were crap days). Again can I say how much I love the first period that I teach ..... out of their mouths on Friday, "I have to say Ms. Cookie, you make math fun" .... (granted this from a student that I wanted to strangle earlier on in the year ... which is another lesson, wait until after Christmas to make your final "assessment" of students; you just may grow to appreciate them). ..... that caused me to say (unprofessionally, I might add), "hmph, come to my ___ period class" (the class with my snottiest, rudest, sleepiest students).

It was nice to commiserate with other teachers during lunch, if only to hear their tales of kids they did NOT get along with ..... AND after lunch, blessings of blessings, my most dreaded kid did not show up for class, and that made things run much smoother ..... AND they were actually awake for most of it.

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