Friday, February 04, 2005


I'm learning various new things currently and it's always so interesting to me to step back and analyze how and at what pace I'm learning and what works and how I process information and such .... and then relate it back to teaching. For example, I'm taking tap dance lessons. I took them as a kid, and maybe once or twice more as an adult, and now I'm in a "I / II " level class, and some things I get immediately and some things I need repeated and some things the teacher does and everybody (or so it seems) just goes with it, and she might as well have been speaking swahili or such for all I understood. ... Then I step back and say, "ah ha" this is how some of my math students feel ... and they need the repetition and they need the "spiraling" back to a topic, and they need to see things broken down step by step.

I guess being a learner of something totally new to you while you are teaching, keeps you "honest" or at least aware of the feeling of being a student.

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