Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pissy Day

Okay, so maybe later the "expletive" will seem extreme, but REALLY, what a horid day today was. First of all, I find out that money was stolen from my classroom. (footnote: do not send an ever-so-helpful e-mail upon hearing about this that maybe I shouldn't be keeping valuables in my room. not conducive to warm fuzzy feelings towards you.) Then my rollercoaster success with one particular period of the day reached one of its lows. (do they sell bargain dartboards at the teacher store all ready for photos of particular surly/snotty/bitchy/crappy students?) Then I had to sit through 3 (not 1. not 2. but 3) meetings today feeling like crap and not engaged at all and having to pretend that I'm completely intrigued with the topics at hand while all the while I'm thinking, shut UP already.

On a bright note. It's time for bed.

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