Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Today started out great because I got an e-mail from an old student who's now in college. I taught this student in the other school I was at in the northeast, and he just wanted to let me know that he enjoyed my class and all the things we learned and talked about. What a great kid :).

Then there's a girl I currently have who started out the year great, but became chatty and quiet and actually pulled a first on me a while ago (yes, the knitter!). So periodically for the last several weeks (months?), when I'm trying to teach and she starts (keeps) chatting, there's another girl in class that loudly tells her to be quiet .... now granted there are other people talking in class, but. So any way, I've just changed their seating arrangement, and without thinking about, the 2 girls are semi-next-to each other. Well, knitter-girl comes to me before class and asks if she can move her seat because she's having issues with this other girl and she doesn't think the other girl likes her and why do I always "praise" the other girl when she "rudely" shushes the knitter (perception is weird). Then this other kid who's hearing our conversation, pipes up with, "maybe she doesn't like us because we're smart." .... Oh please, please, please get over yourself. I tried to nicely say that it was rude to talk while I'm talking and even though they are smart, it's disturbing to others that are trying to pay attention to further explanations, etc. Not sure if it filtered through their ever so smart egotistical brains.

Then there's sweetie that always comes to visit my class before school starts. I've never had her as a student, but struck up a conversation with her last year when I had lunch duty. Anyway, I can always make her laugh, and she's good for a chuckle or two from me. So she reminded me today of her visit last week or so when she BEANED ME IN THE NOSE from across the room by throwing a chocolate peanutbutter cup at me. POW in the schnoz. Ouch. Of course it was an accident, and we had a good laugh over it, but ouch.

Then there's my sullen pregnant snotty girl who I think I've seen maybe twice in the last 6 school days. Heaven forbid she should make eye contact with me. Blach.

Then there's my puppy-dog last period class of younger 9th/10th graders who are so giggly and fun to be around for the most part. Today one girl had a picture of some current teen idol, and asked me if I wanted to date him .... and then proceeded to leave the printed out picture near my computer for me to ogle at :).

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