Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Still Breakin'...

Still loving Spring Break, but had to write about an epiphany I had .... or maybe I've had it before and I keep forgetting and then re-"having" it ..... so when does it stop being an epiphany? ... Or maybe since it's new to me each time, it still counts. Hmmmmm,

So earlier this year I had a horrendous time (the fall semester). It seemed that lots of demands and unreasonable expectations were being placed on me and the math department and there was a testing frenzy about the state test and "WHAT are we doing about it" and "how are you making sure the Algebra 2 team is in the same place" and "make sure they are all following the IPGs and are doing EXACTLY the lessons as prescribed in the IPGs (planning guides that are basically a script)" ... and I had poopy/rude kids .... and so on and so on. This semester is better. The kids have changed or I got some of them out of my class. I wrote a letter to our principal about how I felt, and that seemed to help. The jack*** lady who was supposed to be helping us with algebra 2 got replaced by someone else.

So what's the epiphany? Oooh. I forgot it again. Trick.

The epiphany is that I can be the calm in the center of the storm, and I don't have to buy into all the brouhaha that is swirling about me. I just have to concentrate on teaching the best I can and knowing I'm doing the right thing and just let everything else just wash over me and just be an observer and not make things worse for myself by taking on others' stress.

Deep breaths and "this too shall pass".

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