Sunday, March 06, 2005

Quilting Teacher

Once again, it's extremely interesting to be on the "student" side of a learning situation. I had my 3rd of 4 quilting classes yesterday, and maybe it's a teacher thing, but I keep analizing the way she's teaching or the way she's interacting with us, her 4 quilting students. First of all let me say right off the bat that she has great skills and is imparting us will cool knowledge that will allow us, the beginner quilters to complete our project and be proud of the results. However.

Anytime someone has a question that does not fit with the current class, she seems a bit snippy or impatient and says with a humph in her voice, "we'll get to that next time. It'll ALL be explained next time." .... or when the owner of the quilting store walks through our "classroom" and makes a comment about the quilt tops, our teacher says (is it me or does it sound phony with that sing song quality of her voice), "they're doing such a good job. they turned out great." .....

I guess it's easy to be a critic. .... but it also gives me pause for thought on how I may come across to my students.

Sidenote: is it a bad sign that after 8 years of teaching, I'm more frequently having fantasies of retirement?

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