Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Inservice Extraveganza

Yesterday (Monday) was packed with meetings (what else?). We had the morning 1 hour meeting that gave the "rah rah" as to why we need smaller learning communities. Then we had the 2 hour meeting with our potential group of teachers we'll be working with in our "academy". Then a few lucky ones of us had a 1 hour working lunch to discuss the "rising 9th graders" parents/signup-for-classes meeting. Then there was the 2 hour math meeting of what are you going to do for TAKS variety. And then to top it all off there was the 1.25 hour meeting to give us all a review of science and math facts so that we can intelligently discuss these things during home- room. Whew.

Simultaneously I was trying to grade 110 papers and figure out how in the heck I could make Tuesday's introduction to logarithms exciting enough so that when the 8 learning walk people (from central office etc) walked through my room on Tuesday, then they'd be all "ooh aah .... not phony at all".

Things went okay on all fronts. My class that had the "learning walk" .... they're so cute. When the people left after about 15 minutes (15 minutes of great behavior and showmanship), we all heaved a collective sigh and joked that now we could get the food out and hang out and do all sorts of "against the rules" stuff ..... and to top it all off, after that little "ha ha" we all got back to work. It's moments like that that make me love teaching and returning to these little tykes every day.

AND, shockingly, after my e-mail home to pregnant-surly-girl's mom about her not being in class since whenever, she was there today AND made eye contact and interacted in class. My my ..... how long will that last? Who knows, I'll revel in the small victories/successes.

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