Thursday, March 31, 2005


In my precalculus preAP class, I have about 50% seniors, some of whom find it difficult to actually put in the effort to learn the material, and some of whom find it difficult to get to class on time after lunch. And since we have instituted the new policy of no late people admitted to class, these kids often skip. .... Okay, I'm thinking of one boy in particular. Smart (bookwise) kid, but he has a major case of senioritis.

So anyway, he's failing my class, and he's finally figured out that he has to actually put out an effort to pass, so that he can go to college. He's been diligently coming to class lately. Today we had a quiz, and HE WASN'T THERE. Ach. Then after school, he comes rushing into my room, out of breath, saying he wants to be sure to make up the quiz. Fine, I hand it to him and am busy grading other things.

He looks up about halfway through the quiz, and says, "man, this is easy if you actually go to class." To which I had to smile and reply, "do you think other people know about this secret?" I don't have a good enough take on him to know if he was poking gentle fun at himself, or if he was actually amazed at the coincidence.

I've gotta love these kids. It's never boring.

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