Tuesday, May 24, 2005


How excited am I that tomorrow's the LAST official day of school (for the kiddies). WooHoo! I celebrated by leaving work early (for me) and going out to dinner at Whole Foods, then going to see "Bride & Prejudice". Can I tell you that I was the ONLY person in the movie theater? How fun is that. I had the best time. It was a great movie for me to see - the India shots were intriguing, the clothing was colorful and beautiful to behold, the singing/dancing was fun and funny, the story line was entertaining.

Today I gave only one final, so I had time to catch up and put all my "marbles" into place for tomorrow. Yesterday (Monday), I gave 2 finals. Some of the kids I have had for 2 years in a row, and I got hugs and cards and sweet memories. One of the things that makes it worthwhile. Today I had my 3rd period class. My one with the knitter (though she redeemed herself by recommending a good book/series for me to read ... Anne of Green Gables. Love. It.), the cell-phone addict (who had a funny "my cat peed on my pants last night and it smells and I CAN'T concentrate" incident today), the football player who could NEVER sit still and who to no one's surprise turns out to be ADD (today he was drinking a LARGE (64oz?) drink during the 2 hour final. The final in which we can give no hall passes. The final during which he REALLY had to go.)

Whew. I made it through a tough year. Yippee.

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