Thursday, May 12, 2005


Yet again I was reminded of the fact that if I am not well rested .... in fact completely unrested (to bed by 11 and up by 4), then my patience wears thin and I'm a crabby snappy puss with kids that are not doing what they need to be doing .... and then they're jerks for the rest of the period because I loudly told them for the second time to put their yearbook away ... and kept hammering at them until they did .... maaaaaaaaybe could have been more politic in how I approached it, but I'm tired, and it's the end of the year and this particular child is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO needy and (crabby alert) slow and shouldn't really be in my PAP class. Whew.

In other news, had lots of moments of kids making me laugh today, so I will bank those times.

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