Friday, May 13, 2005

Activity Success

Yesterday for a (small) part of my math classes, I had them do 2 activities that seemed to really engage them and had hilarious results. First, through a series of happenings, I've started drawing one-eyed round people (literally like a smiley face but with only 1 eye) ... and these critters have arms and legs and give you directions on how to complete assignments and such. Then sometimes on worksheets, they are sunbathing or talking French or holding signs .... so anyway, I asked them to let loose and draw me some new critters (small) so that I could cut and paste them on future assignments. They came up with some cute ones (well except for the one or two inappropriate decapitated or keg-looking ones!). The second assignment was to either write a Haiku about math or a math topic, or to write a letter to math, "Dear Math, ...". Oh my goodness did they have me laughing (which is not good since I seem to STILL be getting over a cold and practically everything sends me into a coughing fit. Especially laughing). ... How silent were they while they were drawing and composing. Sheesh, channel some of that focus into math, people.

In other news. I love that every day is a fresh start, and maybe some little kiddies that you snapped at the day before are all happy and bantering with you the next day, when all (seems to be) is forgiven.

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