Friday, May 06, 2005

Better and Better...

Does it always happen this way, and I just forget year to year? I'm actually enjoying my classes again consistently. The kids are more pleasant, time goes by quickly, we have laughs together. Even the nudges I have to deal with because of TMC don't bother me so much (late kids are *supposed* to be locked out of class, and then teachers with a prep are supposed to sweep them to the cafeteria). ... Of course now I've sealed it -- it's going to be hell on wheels for the next 2 TWO dos weeks of school that are left (plus finals).

In other news, I'm getting paranoid about my smelly shoes ???? Are they really so smelly that if I stay in my classroom with the door closed on my prep period, then the next class that comes in says, "ew, it smells horrible in here. It's making me nauseous." .... Or am I paranoid? Or am I using that as an excuse to GO TO THE OUTLET MALL this weekend and buy all new shoes. Hmmmmm.

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