Monday, May 16, 2005

Mere Days

You KNOW it's almost over when you can calmly smile at little "rascals" and quietly think to yourself: pretty soon, I don't have to deal with your sorry ass behavior any more. Nya Nya Nya. ... My finals reviews went peachy in all 3 of my preps ... I don't know if I can hold out hope that they'll still be engaged by Friday. But, I'm making it worth points for EVERY ONE, and I keep stressing that finals are worth 1/4 of their semester grade, and I'm reviewing in little bites ... Hopefully, this will keep them working for me.

Poop. I just remember that I forgot my plan to cart a little bit home every day this week, so that I wouldn't have a big haul next week. Note to self: do this tomorrow oh forgetful one .... On the personal side. I had a great time after school by going to a trail nearby and rollerblading for an hour. Fun and exercise at the same time.

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