Monday, May 09, 2005

Just in the Nick of Time

Usually I am in a situation in the classroom, and something will come out of my mouth, and THEN I realize that I probably shouldn't have spoken so quickly without thinking first. ... For example, that time when I quickly responded to a student who asked, "Do you know what's fun-----" And right at that point, I assumed he was going to finish the statement with "---funny?", and so I quickly responded, "me!". ... Well in actuality, he finished the question with "--- fun to do?". Yes. My face was red, and the class busted up laughing.

Well, today, we were talking about asymptotes in my algebra 2 classes, and I had them graphing various shifted versions of the parent functions: y = 1/x. I'm walking around to assess their knowledge, and I see this one student's graphing calculator screen, and he has tons of graphs on it, and it looked, well, furry. ..... So the thing I'm proud of myself for NOT saying even though it was ALMOST out of my mouth is, "wow, you've got a hairy asymptote there."

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