Monday, May 16, 2005

Review Week

Okay. One full week of review. I anticipate a lot of off task behavior and giggling and yearbook signing with the occasional look at the review problems. That's why I'll make it worth homework points to finish (even for the exempt kiddies). I'll just have to remember to relax and take it with a grain of salt and a big sense of humor and to remember ONE MORE WEEK WOO HOOOOOOOO.

I was reading in another blog (Marcia's Science blog?) about various ways she has her kids "take notes". That excited me because it seems the kids NEVER seem to realize that they can use their notes to study (except for the "good kids" who will succeed regardless). I did buy a book that had to do with "foldables", so I'll have to whip that out this summer and make plans for "note taking" next year.

Yup all sorts of grandiose summer plans for the NEXT school year. Hopefully, there'll be no flaking out. Oh yea! Did I also mention that I have ideas for 3 math "books" to write. Hmmmmm. Check back with me to see which ones get written.

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