Saturday, May 28, 2005

Post 2004-2005 School Year

Yippee! It's summer (though it's raining outside and doesn't feely summery this Saturday morning). Wednesday was the last "official" day of kiddies. Thursday we had to go in and go through our signout checklist and attend our last staff meeting. Friday I went to Barnes & Noble with a fellow teacher to map out our SAT workshop we'll be giving next week. Today I'm one of about 60 teachers helping with graduation. Tuesday and Wednesday, SAT workshop. and THEN I'm done ..... (except for the occasional meetings over the summer for our new "smaller learning communities" shift next year). Oh, and the book(s) I'm wanting to write ... and the Spanish I'm still learning ... and the teaching books I want to read ... and my files I want to go through .... But good golly, I don't have to get up in front of little kiddies every day and "perform".


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