Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yearly Ritual

I just want to document what I did today (2nd annual), so that if and when I come back to read this a year from now (minus a week), I won't go wa wa wa and not go to the matinees on the last week of school for a fill-in-the-blank reason.

I got off my fanny and made sure I finished all my last-day chores at school today and high tailed it out of there at 1:15 pm to make lunch and a 2:30 showing of "Kinky Boots". This year I wasn't the only one in the theater (good. more people enjoying life), but I still had a great time. Even though I have/had 6 rental movies waiting for me at home, there's still something about going out to the movies. Every time I go by myself, I wonder why I don't do it more often. How ridiculous that we get so bogged down in the chores of life that we don't stop and do plain simple fun things more often.

Great movie, by the way. I love shows where the underdog "wins" and wise things are said and you laugh and lose yourself in the film. ... Of course, now I just finished one of my rentals, and oh my, guess I have to go watch a third before it gets too late. A triple feature. How decadent.

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