Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sticky Notes

What have I been thinking all these years? Usually when I go around helping kids, I ask first, then I write on their papers any hints or math steps they need, or I find a piece of scrap paper and do the same. Well, yesterday after school I just happened to be carrying around one of my many pads of sticky notes (girly colors, about 3" x 3"), and I proceeded to write on it and then stick it to their papers. I got so excited, I rushed around and gave more help and more sticky notes, "oh here, let me show you the steps on my hot pink paper and then let me stick it to your review sheet."

Who forgot to tell me of this idea?

On a side note, after I told my husband of my "new" discovery, the CostCo "maniac" said that then we'd better buy them in bulk there, so that we don't deplete our retirement money. .... only if they have cool colors is my thought.

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