Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Play Pool

It worked! During 1st period, we had time to test out the elliptical pool table, so we set up the "shelf" cut out on a table and used their calculated values of a, b, & c to locate the foci. We had a rubber "jax" ball (super bouncy ball), and poof "most" of the time the ball traveled from 1 foci to the other after it bounced off the wall .... no matter where we bounced it from. We did a little yelp of excitement and kept testing it out.

I had to share the thrill with my calculus class the next period. After I finished describing it, Miss Snotty Girl sneered, "oh. I thought you were going to say something cool like it went back to its original spot." ..... (you're whiny and your shirts are cut too low) ... BUT, theoretically, that should be what happens since it went through the 2nd foci. I'll have to test it out.

In other nail-biting news, the AP Calculus exam is Wednesday at 8am (today!). Oh man, they'd better pass. I'll be crossing my fingers all day.

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