Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Finals Review

On Monday my precalculus students turned in their packets for finals review. I asked them to make a study schedule, a list of topics we'd covered, a list of book sections covered, and to gather together tests and homeworks. I graded it on the spot while they reviewed and handed it back that period.

Most kids did a great job. The funny thing is that the 2 students that were complaining the loudest did not turn in anything. It was also interesting to look at their study schedules. They ranged from "I will study every night", to a breakdown of "M 20 minutes, T 1 hour, W none ...", to "M 20 minutes: limits, T 30 minutes: polynomial zeroes, quadratic formula".

Oh my. One student budgeted herself about 5 minutes each night for a week of studying. I had a talk with her in disbelief and asked if that was all she was going to have to study. She said yes.

Anyway, I'm proud of them for rising to the task. Hopefully, they'll now use the stuff. I'll have to keep it fresh in their minds and/or keep hounding them and/or have another assignment that guages whether or not they're studying.

In other news, I've had requests for the cross section project write up. I've started it. I'm guessing I could e-mail it to people unless someone has a better idea on how to make it available. ... My kids turned in more projects on Monday. Oh my are they creative. Another kid had a tornado, and then drew lots of cute animals on foam, and then stuck them all over the cross section.

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