Thursday, May 11, 2006

My New Friends

This is my LAST week this year of TMC duty during one of my prep periods (for kids late to class .... who get to sit in the cafeteria instead of wandering the halls or disrupting class to show up late). It's been the usual week of being cussed out, being disobeyed, and being snarled at on my duty. BUT, it made my job easier because zip zip I write a referral, and POOF! they disappear to ISS and out of my hair, "bye bye surly children. thanks for visiting."

Anyway, today it was a light load (only 8 children / 6 per row) and they were all polite. I started talking with one girl, and she proceeded to tell me all about the piercings she wants to get: 10 on her tongue, 2 rows down her back (so she can lace ribbon through them), several around her mouth, and then one in her ear so she can hang a chain from ear to mouth, .... I forget the others. Then (and I hope she was joking) she said she wanted to split her tongue so that she'd have more edges with which to line rings. Ew.

Then the boy next to her started to show me his tongue stud, and we had a lively discussion about foods that get stuck there and how it was a proven fact (he said) that every tongue piercing you get knocks off 5 years from your life (so being a math teacher, I then calculate that the girl would be dead ..... yesterday ... or really soon anyway).

Super goofiness.

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