Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TMI (times four)

TMI #1: I was doing my "tardy student sitting in the cafeteria" duty and circulating and glancing at what the kids were doing as I was walking. One student was reading a book. As an avid bookworm and an avid nosey person, I peeked at the heading on one of the pages (looked like a novel), and I was about to engage him in conversation to see if he liked the book, when I read it: G-Spot. Okay, walk on by, walk on by.

TMI #2: 1st question a student asks me in class before the bell rings, "what does copulate mean?". Ahem. "Why are you asking? ... and are you serious?" ... "well, some student said a bad word in my last class, and the teacher said, 'oh, you must mean copulate.' "

TMI #3: A great student has been absent a heap in my class, and comes back today to say (s)he was having heaps of doctor's appointments and just found out (s)he was bipolar and ..... heaping on more TMI. la la la la la la la

TMI #4: I was helping a junior (senior?) after school to prepare for our state exit exam, and as the hour went on, I realized he had no clue on how to solve simple equations, but could be a whiz on the calculator and "finding the answer" (though not knowing what it means). Boo! Now that's scary.

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