Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It Was the Best/Worst of Times...

Today it seemed like fight upon fight broke out at lunch time (full moon? or I thought that was a few nights ago...). Apparently, it got so ridiculous that we went on lock down and extra cops were called and we made the news. Blach. Bad press for our school due to some goofballs.

This evening I went to a performance by our precision dance team. They were spectacular. Apparently, at a recent citywide (?) competition, they brought home heaps of awards. Yay.

Today was a good "differentiating instruction" day for me. I polled my calculus students individually (the ones that were really struggling, and the ones that were finished way before anyone else) to see how they want to proceed. I made appointments with 3 of the strugglers to basically get an individualized plan going for them to reteach them everything. ... One of the "breezers" said he was fine with the pace and didn't want extra stuff piled on him. My other "breezer" said he'd like to learn about matrices. That was from left field. After a wee bit of prodding, I found out he wants to do computer animation, and it involves matrices. Yay. Good thing I've worked with matrices and with programming. I'll have something to offer him.

Great tip from one of the recent workshops I've been to. Make a "group" of e-mail addresses from the parents of your students in a class, and then you can keep them all informed by sending one e-mail periodically to let them know when tests/quizzes/projects are coming up and such. This seems like it would be an effective idea as I already get help in getting late homeworks in from my periodic e-mailing home of progress reports.

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