Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Seats

The seats in my classroom are arranged in groups of 4, and, of course, periodically I change their seating assignments. When I do so, they talk for about 3-4 minutes, and they have to learn everyone's name, and I throw out another question they're to pursue. Afterwards, we go around the class, and a group representative has to share with the class.

Past questions have been about: favorite ice cream, places they've visited, etc. Yesterday's question (which I think that now is my all-time favorite) was, "what's your earliest childhood memory?" There were some funny ones. One student said that he started a food fight in 1st grade and told us the circumstances behind that. Another girl said that when she was 4, she told her brother that he was adopted and made him cry. Another boy remembers being cold and pressing his hand against a hot iron. Hmmmm, I'm noticing a bad theme here.


  1. Of course you see a pattern. You're a math teacher. ;)

    "Never leave this class alone" could be the theme, or more likely that big exciting incidents are what stay in one's memory.

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I like that, "Never leave this class alone". Hmmmmm, if they weren't so nice, I guess I should be afraid of them :).

    Ms. Cookie

  3. we noticed over Christmas, while sharing family stories, that for one brother-in-law we always have stories about *what he has done*, and for another brother-in-law, all of the stories around *what has been done to him*.

    It sounds like your class remembers a little of each.