Wednesday, February 08, 2006


This is my 3rd year of teaching at this school, and I've taught a variety of math levels, so there are some students I'm teaching for the 3rd year (or 2nd year). I have some "3rd year" kids in calculus, and I have some "3rd year" kids in precalculus. Don't get me wrong, I like my calculus group of kids, but I seem to have a better rapport with the group of kids that I now have in precalculus (even last year with the same basic sets of kids ... one level down).

We get off on these goofy tangents, and they find the corny jokes I tell them funny, and they even share goofy ones with me. I'm wondering what it is. It can't be the age level (because of last year's experience), it can't be the content level (ditto). Maybe it's just what it is. But I know I'll miss this particular set of kids when they graduate.

Okay, a shared example:

(put your index fingers up in the air, and twirl them continuously throughout this "joke")
me: knock knock
you: who's there
me: woo
you: ____________

(see what I mean? corny)

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  1. Every class has its own personality - a sum of its parts.
    My own favorite math teacher noted that my year's class had a different flavor that the previous or subsequent class.

    The younger kids never like the Card Game I wrote about earlier, yet we just ate it up.

    I like the knock knock joke.