Thursday, January 26, 2006


Some of my classes are mildly chatty. And because of that, I use the same theme joke all the time ... by just substituting in the word, "shhhh", into a sentence:

"You know what my favorite word is?" .... "shhhhhh"
"Today is brought to you by the letter, shhhhhhhh"

... when the noise level is rising.

Well. Today the noise level was rising, and I'm about to make my shhhh joke, and spontaneously I latch onto the sentence a kid just said about an odor in class. So (obviously, without thinking) I blurt, "it smells like shhhhhhhh in here."



  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Ouch, that opens doors I try to avoid opening. Language is loose enough without me adding to it. There is a popular teacher that gets away swearing at kids and they are scared to death of him but most love his courses. I don't know how he does it. They won't do math just so they can do his history work.

  2. Yes, I'm always reminding the kids to watch their language. They are frequently peppering their speech with bad words. So it's become somewhat of a joke now that whenever a kid says, "shut up" to another, then I remind them, "please be quiet". And the kid grudgingly rephrases his/her request and repeats, "please be quiet".

    Ms. Cookie