Saturday, January 21, 2006

Funny Friday

Two funny things happened Friday.

Funny1: For my 7th period class I was rushing to get their grades printed out, so that they could see what they were missing and make it up. Half the class was gone for various reasons, so it was a sparse turn out, and I had them working on a rational graphs discovery assignment where they could basically be left on their own. I trust this class, so I told them that I was just going to run down the hall to get the grade printout to show them, and to not burn the school down (ar ar). They're a chatty class, so when I left and returned, on first glance, something seemed off kilter because they were all quiet with their heads down furiously working away. On second glance, I had to giggle. They had all gotten up while I was gone and switched groups/seats. Tee Hee. They thought that was the funniest thing. .... And even funnier, when we had all gotten over our laughs, they got up and moved back to their seats saying it just didn't FEEL right. What creatures of habit.

Funny2: Okay, call me Howard Hughs, but I *hate* when people borrow my pens and such that I use. I'm picturing heaps of sticky fingers and germs and cooties and leftover boogers from nose picking, bathroom residue from not washing their hands and all sorts of other goodies left over on my pens. Yes, I know, freak. But anyway, I bring this up for this story. This seemed to be "let's borrow all her favorite pens for a quick jot" week. Then in my last class of the day, I'm walking around helping students, and I notice this one girl (who sits near my desk) is using a pen that looks suspiciously like one of my FAVORITE pink gel pens (ZEBRA GEL PENS, I love you). I say something like, "oh, you have a pen like mine". Then she says that she's lost her pen, so she saw it on my desk and was borrowing it (I knew she'd give it back, but .... you know, the icky factor was rearing its psycho head in my brain). This girl has strawberry blonde hair and it was pulled back in a bunched up "bun". I start to help the kid behind her, and I glance at her hair, and glance closer, and see a pen stuck in there. "What's that?" I ask. She feels back in her hair and gasps, "ach, I thought I lost my pen 2nd period". She had forgotten where she put it. We all had a good laugh at that.

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