Monday, January 02, 2006

Professional Development & Yoga

Today was our first day back, sans students, for a full day of development. One useful topic of the day was interdisciplinary teaching. Our presenter broke it down into a continuum of 8 possibilities, ranging from working by yourself on your topic, to working by yourself on your topic but incorporating a theme that brings in other topics, to ... , to working with several other teachers on a theme for a specified unit or amount of time. It sounded intriguing and something that I might want to try this semester in precalculus where I have a dearth of "projects" (read: none).

I also went to a full-on Ashtanga yoga class as opposed to my normal Hatha Flow class. Can I just tell you that for 90 minutes in the "heated room" I was a dripping noodle? It was fun, and I attempted all poses and even got a few. It was awe-inspiring to watch the more advanced noodles twisting and bending and doing all sorts of contortion-looking type moves. ... Maybe this is something I want to take a workshop in to learn more about (since it wasn't a beginner's class and there was no in-depth instruction).

Okay, kiddies tomorrow. Yippee. It will be fun to see some of their cute faces and hear what they did over break. It'll also zip by, so I'll have to remind myself to "be present" and enjoy the moments as they happen and not be thinking about a billion other things.

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