Thursday, December 08, 2005

WooHoo from Texas

Well. I had an okay drive home yesterday, but apparently the world froze over last night, and what started out as a 2 hour delay for our school has turned into a cancellation. We have these humongo "flyovers" on our freeways that are basically skating rinks now. ...

I keep checking the district website to make sure they don't update the message with, "oops, just kidding, get your butt to school". (I guess it's from the same character trait that makes me check my alarm clock settings every night at least 4 times or so: did I turn it on? is it on a.m. and not p.m.? is it the right time? did I accidently turn it off while checking the other times?) ... Who's the crazy lady?

Well, I was used to this school stuff in NJ, but Texas? Yippee. (except now I'm thinking, when are we going to make up the day? will my students spend the extra time studying for finals (hah)? )

Okay, off to check the website ONE more time ... no, really.

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