Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wacky Mind

I had the funniest dream the other night. It was "funny" because I woke up so angry and still furious over the events of the dream that I had to calm down. Now what was this horrific thing that happened to me in my dream? I was at Costco without my husband (who has that card in his name ... whose last name is different than mine), and I was buying vitamins, and the cashier was treating me like a criminal because she did not believe I was a member. She kept questioning me and questioning me and asking for proof before she'd even sell me the vitamins.
Hmph. I woke up in a huff.

I'm not even that enamored with Costco. I mean I like it, but I can take it or leave it, so what possessed my mind to have such a dream? What strange things go on in our subconscious that say, hey, tonight this is what you'll dream about. Do YOU make up the dreams or is something else at work, ... how does everything piece together?

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