Sunday, December 04, 2005

Weekend Fun

This weekend I went to a 2-day "glass fusing" introduction class. This is where you get to play with pretty colors of glass and cut them and mush them around and let them cook to see what comes out. We made tiles and picture frames and pendants and plates. ... Pretty fun, but tiring to be creative and stressed out about "exact cuts" and guilty because you know you should be grading. ... I'm really interested in the jewelry/glass class, then I can make tons of earrings and such.

I'm also glad my husband and I are piling on the procrastination about doing Christmas shopping. I just popped in to Barnes & Noble this afternoon to stock up on my FAVORITE tea (hot cinnamon sunset), ... okay, and to look to see if there were any "killer sudoku" books around (no!). And I must say, have I become a crank pot? A people-hater? Because the whole time there were a TON of people milling about doing their thing and I couldn't wait to get out of there away from the crowd. ... I'm thinking we'll do our usual last-minute thing on a weekday and not have to deal with crowds (I hope).

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