Saturday, December 10, 2005

Self Editing

My first class of the day is filled with streetwise students. I'm always on them about "dropping the f bomb" and their "potty mouths".

On Friday, we were discussing upcoming finals and were reviewing various topics. I wanted them to stay on task, and was *jokingly* warning them not to bug me or we wouldn't get much done. In my mind I'm thinking "don't piss me off, ..." but I didn't want to say "piss", so I edited and said, " don't p. me off". ... Hmmmm, they all ewwwwed and said that that just sounded wrong.


  1. I've gone to even no "pseudo swears" by my students and by me. They seem to have a hard time discerning what is appropriate and not. Subtlety seems to be lost on most of today's HS students.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    No fooling. Some of the students I'm around think nothing of peppering their discussions with f. this and f. that, and then I guess that may perpetuate the ease of others doing some f. sprinkling. Blach.

    Ms. Cookie