Thursday, December 15, 2005

Last Days

Yippee! The finals are done. The grades are turned in. We just go in tomorrow to do proof sheets and meet as a faculty. ... Am I motivated to put in some time to be pre-prepared for the first week back? Are you kidding me? That goes against a 40 year grain of last minute-itis. Okay, okay, I LOOKED over some things, and I WILL bring some stuff home.

BUT. We're going to away for a 10 days to visit with my in-laws. So maybe I can squeeze in some work somewhere. In between the book reading and sudoku puzzles and napping and movies and sleeping and yoga and resting and such (who's tired?).

My kids' precalculus finals grades were stinky ... the bulk of them. Too depressing. They were pretty straightforward finals, too. My one saving thought is that the students that WOULD have earned the great grades already had great grades and exempted the final. Yesssssss, that's it. It's not that they didn't study or anything. Right? Right?


  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Perhaps they just had a case of "last-minute-itis", and just left it too late.

    You're more of a role model than you know. ;)

    On an aside, I've beaten last-minute-itis (i like that phrase) and actually got all my Christmas presents already. Hmmm.. I still have to do my Christmas cards though. :)


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