Friday, January 28, 2005

A visit

One of my really good friends is coming to visit for the weekend. This is good (I get to see her, the house gets it's once-a-visit cleaning that it never gets otherwise) and "bad" (we have to pretend we're interesting people and "do" things to show off our town) ... I guess we don't have to "do" things, but you always feel so boring otherwise if you do your normal routine which is just sitting around reading or futzing around the house. ... I guess the important thing is just to visit and enjoy each other's company.

School was fine yesterday, but it was just bla. Even though I slept solidly through the night (rare these days of my standard 4am wake up with a 1/2 hour or so of sleep lost ... and the occasional hot flashes (yea)), nevertheless I woke up supremely tired and was out of it all day.

Oh well, yippee ... it's Friday.

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