Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Anti Stress Relief ...

So one of my new year's resolutions (okay, my only resolution ... I make one a year) was to start taking tap dance lessons. I used to as a kid, and stopped and started various times as an adult, and thought that it might be something fun and stress relieving (besides the yoga that I already do) from the "toxins" that are a byproduct of teaching. I've been to 2 classes, and I LOVE it. You can find me throughout the week practicing my riffs and beat counting. ... So today was "tap" day, and I was SOOO looking forward to it after school.


My car was having troubles this morning, and I made it to school, but it seems like it would have been very risky to go to tap class instead of straight home after school. Aaaaaaaaarrrrgh. Can I tell you how cranky I am right now? What does that say about me that one little blip in my plans tosses me into a tizzy? .... I can see how much the yoga is REALLY calming me down :) .... deeeeeeep breaths ... deeeeeeep breaths.

Today was the last of 2 days of benchmarking, so tomorrow it's back to the regular routine. That was one good thing about testing all day. I had time to actually plan for classes before the last minute, and have come up with some useful things.

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