Monday, January 31, 2005

A Completely Useful Inservice

Now usually, inservices are a mix of useful information and a whole lotta something that COULD be condensed to take up less time. Today's, however, was engaging, useful, and time just flew by, and I didn't even mind (MUCH) that we had no time to plan for a teaching day tomorrow. Next year, our school is evolving into "smaller learning communities", and today was all about getting the staff up to speed about what it means and how it will look and what were our questions and concerns. ... I'm excited to be part of something new and potentially really powerful and "paradigm" shifting (if I can use that overused phrase). ... So we have about 2400 students at our school, and next year we will be "divided" into 5 smaller "academies". .... I guess whatever happens, things will work out somehow. I just hope I don't get stuck in an academy with grouchy/cynical/do-nothing teachers .... or maybe if I do, there'll be enough "excited" teachers to bring the wayward one around .... or maybe it'll just be another learning experience ... It remains to be seen.

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