Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Even though it's hard going back to work after a luxurious 3 day weekend (can you say sleeping in and reading and watching movies and daydreaming...), it wasn't SO bad today because my poor little kiddies were being MOYed. Yes, apparently it's a Texas tradition not JUST to give an exit exam (the TAKS), but to give two 2-day benchmarks scattered throughout the year to see how they are progressing. I think the comment on one of my little kiddie's booklet sums it up, "I HATE benchmarks". So today I MOYed them (middle of the year benchmark) ... to add goofiness to goofiness, I have 3 different preps this year (geometry PAP, algebra 2 PAP, and precalculus PAP), and in each of those classes I have various grade levels of kids. So even though, say, they may take a 9th grade TAKS in April, they are benchmarked with the 10th grade or 11th grade TAKS depending on which class they're in.

I have to say, that I'm pretty lucky with the kids I have ... or how the year has progressed and we've
bonded together. For the most part they all took it seriously and I kept stressing that this was their chance to see what we had to work on before April ... and since they're the "creme de la creme", it's not just enough that they pass the TAKS, they should shoot for "commended" .... they all rose to the challenge (work wise .... let's see what their scores are like) ... and worked bell to bell. ... I learn or relearn this "fact" every year .... even though you may REALLY despise a kid (or the kid's behavior) for the longest time during the first part of the year, inevitably, they turn it around and become, if not lovable, then decent towards you and actually fun to be around sometimes. ...Some of my snottiest kids from the beginning of the year ("I REFUSE to do this" ... "GOD! this class is SOOOOOOO long" ... "Ehhh!" .... ), are pretty polite and attentive now. Who'd-a-thunk?

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