Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Teaching First (and not in a good way) ...

So in this, my 8th year of teaching, it's still refreshing to know that new things, new unexpected things, new unimaginable things, can still happen. And don't let anyone TELL you that the full moon does not affect students' behavior. The day started out as usual, and I was actually in a good mood. Then my 2nd class of the day starts. It's a rowdy class with some ADD students in there, but generally a bunch that will work with me. Well. Today started out with more than the usual amount of chatting. Not too much of a problem. I got it under control. Then my ADD kid is doing his usual ADD thing. No problem. He's now sitting right in front of me where I can redirect him. Then as I'm explaining about their math concept of the day and writing on the overhead and having them practice, I look up and what do I see? Way in the back of the room .... A girl is ......... knitting. KNITTING. With big size 10 needles. (right now I'm chuckling because it IS funny), but at the time I did one of those bugs bunny double takes. In hindsight, I did not handle it well, but My God! Please. Knitting. ... I can now check that off on my list of teaching firsts.

On a related note. No it did not end well, I made too big a deal of it and it escalated and she ended up in tears. I did apologize later, but it still put a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the day (which the godiva chocolate bar I had stashed away helped with a little) .... (maybe that was a 2 bar incident, I'll have to think about my supplies for the future). So, it's funny how just one incident can affect your whole day. Or I guess it's not the incident, rather how you let it affect you (so yoga), or maybe that's more like "blaming the victim" as if you don't feel bad enough as it is, you now have to feel bad about feeling bad ... or something like that.

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  1. I know this was three years ago, but I have to comment. As long as she was not disturbing anyone, and the pattern wasn't intensely complicated, I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, I've done it as a student and there are times when it has HELPED me focus on the lecture. Maybe I've got a touch of ADD, I don't know and don't care to be tested at 38, but if my hands are busy, I can focus on what's being said. If not, I fiddle with my hair, draw, write poetry, and generally ignore the lecture and try to figure it out on my own later.

    Just sayin'