Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Math Packet

Our math department decided to give summer math work for students, the same way they get summer reading. I'm of mixed minds about this, but I'm doing it anyway. And since I came late to the game (try LAST 3 DAYS OF SCHOOL) (don't ask) (and maybe I would do it in this manner anyway), I'm going to make it more of an online "packet". My idea is to pick some topics I want them to review or refresh their memories on using YouTube or other online links. Then I'll use my proprofs account to quiz them.

I don't know if I'll have them try various quizzes until they reach a certain score or what. I also don't know how they'll be held accountable come school time. I'm batting these ideas around in my head: bonus points, homework passes, quiz the first week or 2 of school, homework grade,...

I will be doing this for rising geometry students and rising precalculus students. I'm also thinking of having various packets sent out and "due" every 2 or 3 weeks, so they don't leave it all to the end .... incentive for them to do it in a timely manner? More "points"?

Precalculus Topics: right triangle trig, special triangles, function notation, ... any other suggestions?

Geometry Topics: solving equations, graphing lines, factoring, working with fractions, ... any other suggestions?

Soooooo, I'd better get my butt in gear and actually send out the "packet" information.


  1. You could maybe do this using the Khan academy. It's been a while since I've looked at it, but I think that you can sign up as a coach and have your kids sign up under you and track their progress. They've got pretty neat little online quizzes also.

  2. The trouble with online and semi-weekly due dates is that kids go on vacation. I don't know about your population, but a lot of my kids are going to visit family for the summer (often times out of the country, with sketchy internet access). I don't think online is necessarily bad, but I'm not sure they can be held accountable for deadlines through that medium. A calendar of "suggested due dates" might work, but if Johnny leaves in June for 2 months in Central America, he's only going to have August to work on the packet.

    We did give online quizzes (5 questions) to our students this year. They were unlimited retake. You'd answer the 5 questions, and it would give you a score (3/5) but not tell you which ones you missed. Students were required to re-do them until they had at least 4/5. We had a district mandated software to use, but I'm sure something similar exists online. We counted these as quiz grades.

  3. Jacki: thanks for the tip. I don't know much about the Khan academy resources, so thank you for cluing me in .... I'll look into what's usable ... and ready quizzes! Woot!

    Mrs. S: you're right about the vacation issue. I like the "suggested time frame" idea and the take until you master idea ... more kernels for my brain to process.

  4. I'm being totally selfish here, but I'm happy that you mentioned precalculus! You have such great ideas and I love reading your blog, but I've missed your precalculus tips. :) Welcome back!

  5. Thanks, KFouss! I'm excited to teach it again next year. I was ready for a break from it 2 years ago, and it was nice teaching the "little kiddies", but the topics of precal are so fun.

  6. Ms Cookie - that was EXACTLY the poster I wanted!! You rock!!

  7. How is the online summer math work going for the students?

    I would hear that my students don't have computers at home and I would suggest a trip to the public library. Free computer usage.