Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Last Day of School

Sort Of. I've become more relaxed about making sure EVERYTHING is done before the last bell on the last day. You know. "The Check Out List". Make sure you: turn in your keys, box everything up, turn in all technology, do a complete inventory of all PLTW items on a new system on the computer, have finals graded and packaged up and stored, ....

Yes, I still do those things, but I'm not too worried about them getting done by ___. Now maybe that makes me the jerk to work with, but here are my thoughts. I know I'm ethical, and I know I need to do those things, and I know I will do them. BUT. I'm not going to kill myself doing them by a certain time frame when more pressing things need to be done: grading the finals thoughtfully, entering the grades and making sure kids get the grades that will serve them best, talking with kids that either will not be back or just I'll miss or they'll miss me over the summer. Also, I don't mind going in partial days for those first 2 weeks of summer, it'll break up my day from my potential slouching on the couch sessions interspersed with trips to the refrigerator.

Today was the last day for kids, but tomorrow the staff has to go in and work and have a year-end review. I can do some packing then and on Friday and next week.

Phew! Over! Done! Sort of. Then as usual, there's the summer plans I have: go to D.E. training for PLTW for 2 weeks (ooh, acronym city), learn TI-Inspire and make worksheets for beginning teacher/student users, make activities for TI-Inspire, learn electronics before above-stated workshop, learn/practice computer programming, relearn and revamp my precalculus curriculum, revamp geometry and potentially teach it to a potentially new geometry teacher, read/have fun/relax/see movies/purge my house of more stuff that's just sitting there/knit-crochet 3 baby gifts ....

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