Friday, June 03, 2011

Kids' Chairs

Here are some pictures of my students' cardboard chairs. They are in various stages of completion and of success. We only had time to finish prototypes, so I don't really know how people actually had time to THEN go make the final version. Maybe they had more students on each team. Maybe they could dedicate more time during the school day to the project. Maybe they were just faster than us. Anyway. Most of them supported weight (as long as you didn't move around too much). They presented their chairs on the day of their finals, and we had interesting discussions as to what worked and what didn't work and WHY and what could be tested to improve the chairs.

I also handed out a questionnaire that I found informative. The prompts were something along the lines of (because of the project):
* what did you learn about yourself?
* what did you learn about engineering?
* what did you learn about chairs?
* what do you like about your chair?
* what could be improved?
* and various questions where they graded themselves on each aspect of the project.

I liked this last section. Instead of letting them choose a 0% - 100% grading scale, I worded it as follows. I think it then was clear for the students to decided on their grade: