Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vacation's Over

It was a nice long one. One great thing about Texas is we consistently get 2 weeks off for the holidays. I had a chance to sleep in about 8.5 - 9 hours. Luxury.

Things I want to concentrate on this semester (or make further progress on):
1. I'm trying to assemble a workable plan for getting the kids to keep track of their grades. I know as a human it's always easier to sit back and let things be done for you: how many homework assignments are you missing? what's your current average? My rough plan is to make a blank skeleton sheet with room to write each assignment as it's given and turned in and returned. This sheet will be turned in weekly for a grade ... how feasible is it that I will check its accuracy? Maybe that's a quick scan on the grading program. Maybe it will also have room for a parent's signature and comments.

2. I keep thinking about but never actually doing this: teaching kids some simple ways on how to effectively use their notes. Sticking points for me: how do I get them to buy into it, how do I assess their attempts?

3. Okay, my baby step is to read my brain-based learning and teaching for memory books at least 30 minutes once a week, and by the end of this next 6 weeks incorporate one new strategy until it's a habit for me.


  1. I agree with your feelings on block programming. I teach at the community college two nights a week where I am forced to cover two sections at a time. It doesn't give the weak kids time to absorb one topic before a new one is taught.

    I also teach in a high school where we have 45 minute classes every day. Although these classes might have other problems, this is a better use of time for the students.

  2. Shoot. I had a feeling that was an issue. ... and more power to you with your night job. I'm imagining how exhausted you must be after teaching all day and then going on to teach some more.

    Ms. Cookie