Saturday, January 20, 2007

Student Insights

One of my students came in before school last Thursday just to use my room as a study place for her vocabulary quiz that day. She was mildly grimacing about a variety of things such as:

"I don't get the students who say their AP classes aren't preparing them for college. I'm studying to learn and honing my skills in the process. Whereas they're just doing enough to pass the tests."

(commenting on the fact that I'm there at 7:30am even though I don't teach my first class until 11:00am) "Some teachers wouldn't be here until 10:30 even though they should, and they talk to us about responsibility and work ethic. It makes me sad for the world."

Another student in my precalculus class refering to the upcoming test:

"I don't think a lot of us know how to study for math (tests) because up to now we haven't had to, so we don't have the skills."

Another student at the end of the period after I had moved him for constantly chatting with this other boy:

"I think you should permanently move me so that I can learn better and not have to be rude to this person that talks to me ALL the time."

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