Monday, January 22, 2007

Sleepy (take 2,146)

Sheesh ... deprive me of more than 2 hours of my 8 hour sleep, and my patience goes out the window the next school day. I guess I'm used to it now, so about 60% of the time when I'm just about to snap at a kid, I realize that I'm a sleep-deprived zombie with no impulse control on the sarcastic comments, and I can stop them (the comments 60% of the time / the kids the other 40%) . I think I was okay about 62% today.

One funny thing. My kids sit in groups of 4, and when I pass out homework, I put them all on one person's desk in the group for them to pass out. And when I collect homework, I ask them to put them on one person's desk to be more efficiently collected. So I'm walking around while they're working on a calculator activity, after I've passed out returned homework and after we've gone over the current night's homework (but before I've collected it). I see a pile on one student's desk, and I assume he forgot to turn his homework back to his group. He's a funny kid that I like, and I jokingly reprimand him as I point to the pile, "hey! you've got DUTIES, mister." We look at the pile and then I realize that it's the homework I had yet to collect, and he turns to me and says, "no. YOU'VE got duties." Oops.

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